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Frequently Asked Questions printing typesetting laser scans film bureau
THERE ARE a thousand questions and answers we could write here, but the most important thing we have to tell you is the answer to the question you didn’t ask. “I forgot to ask the client what kind of file it was. I forgot to get a print out, or a print out of separations. I can’t go back now, it’s embarrassing. They just gave me a disk and said “Get it done”. “Now.” I’m not sure what size it is, the imposition, the screen required, the film emulsion side. Can you ring the printer for me? He’s in Melbourne.

WE WANT ALL OUR CLIENTS to feel free to ask our advice and assistance no matter how simple or silly the question may seem. In particular, ask our advice on disk preparation for the bureau, as it will save us both time and money if the files are prepared correctly the first time. The area of electronic media is full of quirks, jargon and oddities, and if there is anything you’re having trouble with, we will try our utmost to solve the problem.

AS AN EXTENSION to our regular “phone advice” service, Typesmith now provides a pre-film disk checking service. For a minimal cost, we will look at your supplied files, note anything that is required to make them “printing-perfect” and quote for us to repair the problem…all before you spend the extra money on re-running film that’s gone wrong, or worse, re-running printing that’s gone wrong. We urge you to use this service when preparing your disks, but remember that each process takes a little extra time.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHECK your film very very carefully. Typesmith is always ready and willing to pull a dyeline or a bromide from your film to help you check it, and if there are any errors will gladly fix them and rerun the film, at minimal cost if it is a bureau job, and at no cost if we typeset the job BUT we will not pay for you to reprint it if you printed it incorrectly...full stop.



As a summary, ask your client, or let us know:
  1. What kind of disk is it?

  1. What kind of file is it?

  1. Is there a paper printout?
    A printout by the creator of the file is essential.

  1. Is there a printout of separated colours?

  1. Did you/they have any trouble printing it out?

  1. Have they included any placed graphics or scans, typefonts required?

  1. What is the cut size, folds required, imposition, film screen ruling, film emulsion side?

  1. Do I need a laser print or dyeline proof?

  1. What is the deadline? Truly rooly deadline!

  1. Would you like us to ring you when it’s ready, will you call in, should we deliver?

Our usual trading hours are: Monday to Friday 8 am - 5 pm


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