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TYPESMITH Founded in November 1991 by Peter Smith and Virginia Wood (now Smith), on old Varityper Typesetters in a dusty shopfront linked to the local printer.
Peter Smith was born into typesetting, as part of the Smith family who owned Smith & Miles, one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest pre-press firms trading for nearly 80 years. Apprenticed in 1975, Peter worked with traditional hot metal type and learned computer systems like Linotron, Berthold and Compugraphic. He has maintained the traditions of trade typesetting while working on a total of 13 different typesetting and computer systems! Peter operated Typesmith alone in its formative years. He now manages Typesmith's accounts and the film, proofing and bromide bureau, specialising in assuring that all bureau work is correct for print production according to the printer's requirements and printing method to be used. Virginia was also born into the industry, her father working for Edwards Dunlop and BJ Ball as mechanic, traveller, and service manager. When Virginia left school she completed the Sydney College of the Arts Bachelor of Arts, Design Degree. She worked for the prominent typographer, Paul Soady and met Peter while employed at Smith and Miles as Artist/Typographer. When Typesmith first started she continued to work to support the infant business. Virginia takes on all roles in the company including client liaison, illustrator and designer, typesetter, scanner and bureau operator. Peter and Virginia have married. Rosie their dog, greets visitors to the office and provides often-required stress relief.
Typesetting, graphic arts and printing are their history and their lives and they dedicate their efforts into the best production for the trade, for designer and for the local tradesman, small business operator, publisher and corporation alike.


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